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Ticket Description

Please note if you arrive at Oktoberfest intoxicated you dont get access and loos your ticket.

We recommend coming by train to Oktoberfest. Book your ticket for the Great Northern train directly on our website Book Train Ticket


  • General Admission £10-15
    Includes admission and a random seat in the genaral adm. area. Seating is unreserved!

  • Student Ticket £10 – Saturday afternoon 28/09 only
    Includes admission to the event and 1 Mass of Bavarian Festbeer (1,5 Pint)
    (Valid Student card required at the entrance and 1 ticket per person )

  • Bavarian Tickets £29-34 – limited table service
    Includes admission and a guaranteed seat in the middle part of the tent. Moreover, 1 Mass (1.5 Pint) of Bavarian FestBeer, a German snack and a Bratwurst in bread.

Premium Tickets with table service

  • Oktoberfest Package £50 – with full table service for drinks
    Includes admission, a guaranteed reserved seat in the Oktoberfest area (front part of the tent)
    (Drinks) 2 x 1 Mass (1.5 pint) of Bavarian FestBeer and an Underberg shot.
    (Food) Welcome Brezel and a German Bratwurst in Bread (you pick up when you like)

  • VIP Package £65 – full table service for food and drinks
    Includes a reserved seat in the vip area (in front of the band with table service).
    (Drinks) 1 glass of German sparkling wine, 2 x 1 Mass (1.5 pint) Bavarian FestBeer, 1 Underberg shot
    (Food) Welcome Bavarian Brezel, German luxury Schnitzel with Bavarian potato salad.

  • Corporate Ticket £100-105   We offer corporate tickets with or without traditional cloth package on our Corporate Page.