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Ticket Description


  • General Admission £0-6
    Includes admission and a random seat at the event. Seating is unreserved!

  • Student Ticket £3.50
    Includes admission to the event and 1 Mass of Bavarian Festbeer (1,5 Pint)
    (Valid Student card required at the entrance and 1 ticket per person per evening only)

  • Bavarian Tickets £9.5-16 – no table service
    Includes admission and a guaranteed seat in the Bavarian ticket area (together), 1 Mass of Bavarian FestBeer (1.5 Pint) and a Jaegermeister (German schnaps)

Premium Tickets with table service

  • Oktoberfest Package £35-42 – with table service
    Includes a guaranteed reserved seat (together in the front of stage area) and admission with 2 Mass (2×1.5 pint) of FestBeer and a German Bratwurst with special potato salad. In addition, there will be a Jaegermeister (German schnaps) and a welcome Brezel snack.

  • VIP Package £50-56 – full table service
    Includes a guaranteed reserved seat and priority VIP entrance and VIP rest area. Package with 1 glass of Sparkling Wine, 2 Mass (2×1.5 pint) of FestBeer, VIP main course of Calves Schnitzel w /potato salad and a Jaegermeister (German schnaps). In addition, there will be a welcome Bavarian snack-plate.

  • Corporate Ticket
    We offer corporate tickets with or without traditional cloth package on our Corporate Page.


Seats will be filled starting from the front of each area. That means the earlier you book the better seated you get at the Cambridge Oktoberfest.

If you decide to book more seats please remember to book them all with the same name, as when you book the system seats you together.

Booked seats must be taken within 2 hours after opening. If you want to arrive later and be sure of your seats book VIP tickets (free arrival time).

Quetions? Please contact us at